Welcome to Fuerhauser Insurance. We strongly believe everyone should have a life insurance policy to protect their loved ones in the difficult times of life. When a sickness, accident, or death occurs, the last thing the family wants to deal with are the financial decisions surrounding the matter. That is why it is important to make all the decisions you can before something devastating happens.

Our goal at Fuerhauser is to help you better understand why you need to consider insurance plans such as life, long-term care, and disability insurance. These are all part of a sound financial plan to help protect yourself and your family better.

On this site, we will be giving you information that is up to date while also sharing personal accounts on how these different types of insurance can change lives.  We will also share trends and financial information that will help you put all the information into perspective in relation to your own life and those you love.

Be sure to follow this page to stay informed on the many types of insurance plans available and how they can help you in a time of crisis or death.